By: Sara Jaff

Today I will talk about one of the social problems that exist everywhere. The problem is poorness. There are too much poor people out there. So have you ever thought of changing somebody’s life? I’m sure you will say now how can I do that??? You can do that very easily you don’t need to buy someone a house or give the poor people a fortune of money. There are a lot of different ways and methods how you can help people in need. I will tell you some methods at the end of my topic.

I think this people who are in need should get help, especially the ones who are orphan or handicapped. This people need serious help for a lot of reasons. If one of these people get sick they need to visit a doctor to visit the doctor they need money, even if they get the amount to pay the doctor which is a simple amount of money for us, but it’s not for them. After they got to the doctor they need cure, to be cured they need drugs and medicine to buy medicine they need money again and buying medicine can get really expensive. They will buy the cheap medicine that are on the prescription and can’t afford the rest of them, which is not good enough to get cured. What is if they need a surgery how will they pay for that??? The solution to this problem is to help this people to pay for them a part of the money of the medicine or the doctors can help their patients by making the costs for these poor people less.

An other thing is education. There are a lot of people in our country who are not educated. The reason for that is again poorness. To survive, to live they are forced to leave school even if they are smart or had good grades. If you are poor school won’t give you something to eat. You have to work to get money so that you can survive.
There are young people who left school because they have lost their father and they have a family a responsibility brothers and sisters, he or she needs to feed them, and he or she need to pay rent.

 This is another problem of being poor. We can’t just sit at home and say so what does that matter to me that there are people who are too poor to go and see a doctor or to get an education and we can’t be thankless for what we have because there are young children out there who just wish to go to school, there are children who just wish to have one thing to wear that makes them warm in winter. And we have a closet full of clothes, and every thing what we need for entertainment and we are not satisfied. It’s the nature of human to be unsatisfied and to be selfish but we need to get up and from this nightmare we are living but we don’t have the meaning for life. If we don’t start to care about others like we care for ourselves we will never success to achieve anything because we are too selfish. A life in a selfish world can never succeed. Let’s start with simple things and try to change something in this world. And pass this habit to our children, grand children friends and family. Nobody can change the world alone but we all together can do that.

As I said in the beginning of my report here are some simple methods to help others:
1.       Don’t throw away your old clothes give them to someone in need but don’t give them the clothes that are ragged. True they are poor but they are also human and want to wear something nice.
2.   Give your old toys to poor children.
3.   If you have any poor neighbors bring them some of the food that you cook at home.
4.   Try to save 5000 ID each day at the end of the month it will make 150000 ID and at the end of a year it will make 1810000 ID. You can give the money at the end of every month or at the end of every year to a family who is very poor, to someone poor who is orphan or to an old poor man who has nobody left. This changes a lot for them. 5000 ID is nothing for us.
5.   If you can’t do any of these things just show these people that you care don’t be rude to them don’t hurt them at the end they are human like us and believe me if they see that you care it means a lot for them.