What is love?

By: Sara Hilal Sedeeq  

 A lot of people, writers and poets tried to find a definition for love, but till now there is no general definition. Each person has its own definition and understanding, which makes it even more wonderful.

Love is a word that consists of four letters; this four letters have the most powerful meaning in the whole word. You can’t buy love with money or with any wealth in this world, you can’t obtain it by force, you have to earn it, it’s a treasure. Love is a feeling that you can’t describe. It can make you feel like you are in heaven, but sometimes it makes you feel like living in hell. It’s the only thing that can turn your life 180 degrees in seconds.

Unfortunately true love is rarely to find in our time. A lot of people use this wonderful and pure word for their benefit. They use if for the wrong things and for using others. The name of love is been polluted by such kind of people.
Love doesn't need to be between a girl and a boy. There are a lot of different kinds of love. We have love between friends, love between sisters and brothers and the most kind of independent and true love, the love of a mother to her child. A mother sacrifices her life for her children. She spent many sleepless nights when they are sick and gives them everything they need.

 This is how I understand the magnificent meaning of love. I know that maybe not all of you will agree with me, because as I mentioned before every one of us has its own understanding about this wonderful and never ending feeling.