By: Tolaz Xalid

We had a nice time on Sunday at Ishik university and we made fun and we ate a lot especially me and we ate Dolma and a tasty cake and I was very happy and I did a big mistake when I ate a piece of Dolma and it was very hot and I opened my mouth a lot and my friend Sandra in that time took a picture and when we look a picture we saw that situation and we laughed,
really nice time I did not see before and after that we ate a nice cake it was very delicious and finally we finished this party and this party will stay in my memories and Venwar and Ahmad made a Dolma and Noorhan make a cake me and Venwar we ate a lot and Balla didn't eat Dolma he did not came to this party and we were very happy coz our lovely teacher Mr. Pashew was present with us and we took picture with him and finally we finished and cleaned the class and started lesson and today I miss yesterday I hope life return back to yesterday but inshaAllah we will do again but in another place and out of university.