By: Omer Shoro

For learning English we have many ways, but for me there are only two ways ‘Simple and Crazy’

First one I want to talk about my simple way; in this way, we have many branches, listening, watching, speaking, reading and writing. For listening, you can listen to music, and you will develop your comprehension. For watching, you can watch films and English videos about everything. When you watch a film if there is a new word for you, do not use your dictionary, try to understand the word with its situation in the film, if you understand in this way you will never forget it. For speaking, you can talk to your friends who know English or with your teacher. For reading, we have many short stories with levels. First, you should choose beginner, when you finish all its parts, then you can read the higher levels, step by step. When you buy short stories it’s better buy them with CDs. You can listen and repeat after it. With these books you will learn how to ‘Speak, Pronounce the Vocabularies, Listen, Read and Write’. For writing, if you are a beginner try to write sentences, day by day try to expand them and make them longer, and do not forget to use the new vocabularies in your writing, because if you use your new vocabularies in your writings you will never forget them.

Second one I will talk about my crazy way;
   In this way, I have many branches;

   First one; when I hear something new from someone who either passes next to me or on TV or anywhere else. I’m trying to translate it into English. If I don’t know the word I’ll check it in dictionary.

   Second one; when I’m alone, I always talk to myself in English like a freak, if you see me in this way, believe me you’ll say ‘Are you crazy?!’, might be yes or no, I don’t know. But this is a good way.

 The Third one and last; when I see something I’m trying to say it, for example; when someone wants to cross in roads. When something happens etc….. .

   My advice to you;
Speak and don’t shy…