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My Crazy Ways to Learn English

By: Omer Shoro

For learning English we have many ways, but for me there are only two ways ‘Simple and Crazy’

First one I want to talk about my simple way; in this way, we have many branches, listening, watching, speaking, reading and writing. For listening, you can listen to music, and you will develop your comprehension. For watching, you can watch films and English videos about everything. When you watch a film if there is a new word for you, do not use your dictionary, try to understand the word with its situation in the film, if you understand in this way you will never forget it. For speaking, you can talk to your friends who know English or with your teacher. For reading, we have many short stories with levels. First, you should choose beginner, when you finish all its parts, then you can read the higher levels, step by step. When you buy short stories it’s better buy them with CDs. You can listen and repeat after it. With these books you will learn how to ‘Speak, Pronounce the Vocabularies, Listen, Read and Write’. For writing, if you are a beginner try to write sentences, day by day try to expand them and make them longer, and do not forget to use the new vocabularies in your writing, because if you use your new vocabularies in your writings you will never forget them.

Second one I will talk about my crazy way;
   In this way, I have many branches;

   First one; when I hear something new from someone who either passes next to me or on TV or anywhere else. I’m trying to translate it into English. If I don’t know the word I’ll check it in dictionary.

   Second one; when I’m alone, I always talk to myself in English like a freak, if you see me in this way, believe me you’ll say ‘Are you crazy?!’, might be yes or no, I don’t know. But this is a good way.

 The Third one and last; when I see something I’m trying to say it, for example; when someone wants to cross in roads. When something happens etc….. .

   My advice to you;
Speak and don’t shy…

Native Americans sayings

By: Hind Ahmed

Here is two of the greatest Native Americans sayings;-

-Being Indian is an attitude, state of mind, a way of being in harmony with all things & all beings. It is allowing the heart to be the distributor of energy on this planet, to allow feelings & sensitivities to determine where energy goes.

-We are Indians, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have for our land; we do love the land where we were brought up.


By: Sara Jaff

Today I will talk about one of the social problems that exist everywhere. The problem is poorness. There are too much poor people out there. So have you ever thought of changing somebody’s life? I’m sure you will say now how can I do that??? You can do that very easily you don’t need to buy someone a house or give the poor people a fortune of money. There are a lot of different ways and methods how you can help people in need. I will tell you some methods at the end of my topic.

I think this people who are in need should get help, especially the ones who are orphan or handicapped. This people need serious help for a lot of reasons. If one of these people get sick they need to visit a doctor to visit the doctor they need money, even if they get the amount to pay the doctor which is a simple amount of money for us, but it’s not for them. After they got to the doctor they need cure, to be cured they need drugs and medicine to buy medicine they need money again and buying medicine can get really expensive. They will buy the cheap medicine that are on the prescription and can’t afford the rest of them, which is not good enough to get cured. What is if they need a surgery how will they pay for that??? The solution to this problem is to help this people to pay for them a part of the money of the medicine or the doctors can help their patients by making the costs for these poor people less.

An other thing is education. There are a lot of people in our country who are not educated. The reason for that is again poorness. To survive, to live they are forced to leave school even if they are smart or had good grades. If you are poor school won’t give you something to eat. You have to work to get money so that you can survive.
There are young people who left school because they have lost their father and they have a family a responsibility brothers and sisters, he or she needs to feed them, and he or she need to pay rent.

 This is another problem of being poor. We can’t just sit at home and say so what does that matter to me that there are people who are too poor to go and see a doctor or to get an education and we can’t be thankless for what we have because there are young children out there who just wish to go to school, there are children who just wish to have one thing to wear that makes them warm in winter. And we have a closet full of clothes, and every thing what we need for entertainment and we are not satisfied. It’s the nature of human to be unsatisfied and to be selfish but we need to get up and from this nightmare we are living but we don’t have the meaning for life. If we don’t start to care about others like we care for ourselves we will never success to achieve anything because we are too selfish. A life in a selfish world can never succeed. Let’s start with simple things and try to change something in this world. And pass this habit to our children, grand children friends and family. Nobody can change the world alone but we all together can do that.

As I said in the beginning of my report here are some simple methods to help others:
1.       Don’t throw away your old clothes give them to someone in need but don’t give them the clothes that are ragged. True they are poor but they are also human and want to wear something nice.
2.   Give your old toys to poor children.
3.   If you have any poor neighbors bring them some of the food that you cook at home.
4.   Try to save 5000 ID each day at the end of the month it will make 150000 ID and at the end of a year it will make 1810000 ID. You can give the money at the end of every month or at the end of every year to a family who is very poor, to someone poor who is orphan or to an old poor man who has nobody left. This changes a lot for them. 5000 ID is nothing for us.
5.   If you can’t do any of these things just show these people that you care don’t be rude to them don’t hurt them at the end they are human like us and believe me if they see that you care it means a lot for them.

Native Americans Culture

By: Hind Ahmed

Native Americans one of the greatest people of  all time Perhaps no other group of people has quiet the rich and storied culture as those of the native Americans. They have a history rich in struggle, strife, and triumph. So many aspects of our modern life were adapted from the old Indian cultures practiced centuries ago. Many familiar symbols that we take for granted were originated by them.

If I were a Teacher

By: Mariam M. Yacuob

When I was young, I was fond of playing the role of a teacher. I would imagine a class of children in front of me, a black board on the wall and myself - an ideal teacher. Everything was imaginary except the ruler in my hand. If I were a teacher, I would give greater importance to example that to precept. I would make the children understand the worth of polite speech and decent behavior. I would never go late to class, i would avoid taking casual leave as far as possible .When I would enter the class I would bid them the time an expect them to bid me in return. ‘Good morning, children’ would be the beginning of the day.
I would plan the lesson well and ensure that every child had understood the day`s topic. 
I would give special attention to the weaker students, unlike some teachers who only care for the clever children and neglect the below average ones. I would consider it my duty to analyze and solve the problems of every child without any partiality. I would not approve of learning by heart. I would try to make every lesson interesting by giving practical examples from everyday life.
The children would be encouraged to collect information from newspapers and magazines. I would encourage the children to participate in games, sports and cultural activities. It would be my principle never to make any personal remark which would hurt any child’s feelings.

I would never tolerate selfishness, rudeness or dishonesty. I would encourage them to love their home members and their friends, and make them happy .Throughout my career as a teacher, my air would be to instill in every child real and noble values of life and mound him into a responsible and productive citizen of the world.

The Train of Life

Dania D. Bajalan
There has been always a question in my mind
Why do we always wait, what are we waiting for and
Till when we should wait?
Wait for tomorrow!
Wait for our prince charming!
Wait for success!
Wait for a bus!
Wait at the clinic!
Wait our beloved once to come back!
Wait for a phone call!
But until when will we be waiting?
Please waiting can u just leaves and never wait for me!

Life is like a train. It's bearing down on you, It's going to hit you! U can either start running when it's far off in the distance, or you can pull up a chair and just watch it come!

Our life's train passes by very quickly and stops at many stations, there are accidents, delays and surprises. Some of them translate into great moments, some result in profound sorrow. The journey is filled with hopes, dreams, challenges, setbacks and goodbyes.

 We meet a lot of different faces, some we love, others we hate even without a particular reason, we stop in some happy moments and other sad ones, stop in love station and wait for it to come.

We ate DOLMA


By: Tolaz Xalid

We had a nice time on Sunday at Ishik university and we made fun and we ate a lot especially me and we ate Dolma and a tasty cake and I was very happy and I did a big mistake when I ate a piece of Dolma and it was very hot and I opened my mouth a lot and my friend Sandra in that time took a picture and when we look a picture we saw that situation and we laughed,
really nice time I did not see before and after that we ate a nice cake it was very delicious and finally we finished this party and this party will stay in my memories and Venwar and Ahmad made a Dolma and Noorhan make a cake me and Venwar we ate a lot and Balla didn't eat Dolma he did not came to this party and we were very happy coz our lovely teacher Mr. Pashew was present with us and we took picture with him and finally we finished and cleaned the class and started lesson and today I miss yesterday I hope life return back to yesterday but inshaAllah we will do again but in another place and out of university.

What is love?

What is love?

By: Sara Hilal Sedeeq  

 A lot of people, writers and poets tried to find a definition for love, but till now there is no general definition. Each person has its own definition and understanding, which makes it even more wonderful.

New baby

New baby By: Ahmed Wshyar

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Gali Ali Bag Resort

By: Dnya     from B1

In  Geli Ali Bagthe  tourist is  isolated  from  the  word  inside  a  dreadful rocky  valley  that  has   as   only  view  of  the  sky  a  long  line  over  it.
the  waterfalls  in  Gali Ali Bag rumble  and  flow  abundantly,  from  a height  of  more  than t en  meters  towards  one  corner  of  the  strait, making  a  large  water  to  contemplate  the  beautiful  sight.  then  the water  goes   on  flowing  along  the  valley  slope  to  the  north  east,  where  it  joins  another  course  and  both  go  on  together  through  a   gop crossing  the  middle  of  the  rocky  valley.

Geli Ali Bag waterfall  130km  far  from  erbil,  and  it  is  one  of  the beautiful  resorts  in  the government,  widely known  in  iraq,  and  its picture  is engraced  on  the  iraqi  currency.  and the temperatures reach 35c sub-zero in winter.

Heroes In My Life

Heroes In My Life By: Sandra  Yakoub

A hero is someone who helps people, and works hard to do the best for people and makes them happy.
Not everyone can be a hero because heroes have ability and powers far beyond ordinary human abilities. Also heroes are brave and strong, and they have no fears.

Nice Story

By: Saad Moslih
        From A2

hevi student in ishk university ,and he playing football every day,and he like all teacher in university ,and he love the parents ,and he  wants peace and brotherhood for the country ,but sometimes he fights with friends.

A visit to Chalus

A visit to Chalus  By: Muhammad Qadir

I visited Chalus in (Iran) last month with my uncle, Kaify, we liked the weather it was very nice but he did not like the people, we stayed in the villa near the sea and we swam near the beach and there were many things, for example, many tourists and I saw an amazing sights, the city is popular .

Balla`s Email

 Email By:Balla Gaznayi


Dear Chia
I am in Istanbul now , It’s a very beautiful place . There are a lot of big malls and other buildings there are many parks that I want to visit with you , that’s why I want you to come . Don’t worry about staying