By: Hind Ahmed

Here is two of the greatest Native Americans sayings;-

-Being Indian is an attitude, state of mind, a way of being in harmony with all things & all beings. It is allowing the heart to be the distributor of energy on this planet, to allow feelings & sensitivities to determine where energy goes.

-We are Indians, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have for our land; we do love the land where we were brought up.
We will never let our hold to this land go. To let it go it will be like throwing away our mother that gave us birth; A letter from (Aitoo weyah) to Jhon Ross , principal chief of the (Cherokee)
In my opinion, Native Americans are magnificent people .
They live under one of the greatest laws in life which is
Respect & loyalty. The members of the tribe are always ready to die to save each other. Each one of them is a brave worrier who can defend his land alone. These are adjectives that we don’t have these days.